A Monstrously Ginormous Five Acre School Day!

Our child has finally outgrown the wonderful village that is Five Acre School, and navigating the causeways of the public school system has kept us away from our friends and neighbors at Five Acre for the start of the year.

IMG_0417But once a Five Acre family, always a Five Acre family, and last Friday offered up a great chance to get a nice, big Five Acre fix in. Rosie and the kids put on their annual marimba concert at the Dungeness River IMG_0426Festival, and once again Rosie was nice enough to ask for help with the logistics of getting all those instruments to the River Festival’s stage, which gave me an excuse to hang out at the event a bit longer than I would have normally.

The festival had a great turnout of ecologically informative booths, as much or more than last year, it seemed. Our Dungeness Wildlife Refuge neighbors were there again, of course, and the North Olympic Salmon Coalition brought a huge, climb-into-able salmon that was a great hit.

Star Five Acre dad and resident fresh water biologist James identifies a young Coho.

IMG_0394aLunch was, as usual, down at the river on a big sand bar, where students observed the last stragglers of the salmon spawn from a respectable distance. No rock skipping this time – the kids got a first hand lesson about the salmon eggs hiding in the gravel.

IMG_0431As if the festival wasn’t enough, Friday evening brought on the first Parent Service Organization sponsored event of the school year, namely the all-school Soup Social. Alumni, of course, are always welcome, so there we were again, hanging out with old friends and meeting the new faces coming into the new year.

Thanks for the fix, Five Acre. It’s good to know that moving on doesn’t mean moving away.


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