Five Acre School provides an active learning environment for children to reach their fullest potential,

in relationship to each other, our community, and the natural world.

We foster the social, emotional, physical, artistic and intellectual growth of the whole child.

All students in the community are empowered in all aspects

of their development and have ownership over their education.

Responsiveness: We respond to each other with nurturing kindness and flexibility, giving each other the chance to succeed and take ownership of our learning and experience.
Curiosity: We encourage inquiry, allowing the learning process to remain open to the discovery of new ideas and techniques.
Compassion: We support each other’s unique perspectives, viewing differences as an opportunity to develop emotional intelligence.
Stewardship: We educate the whole person, connecting to the broader community, nature and our environment. We emphasize the importance of being interconnected.
Community: We foster connection, embracing diversity to create a welcoming family environment.


Five Acre School is a small independent school located adjacent to the Dungeness Recreation Area that serves preschool through 6th grade students.

Five Acre provides a caring and flexible educational program emphasizing a child-centered approach.  The educational philosophy is to educate the whole person and promote personal responsibility and accountability.  The unique and robust curriculum integrates traditional academic subjects with music, theatre, art and outdoor education.

Established in 1994 by Bill and Juanita Jevne, Five Acre School is owned and operated by Autumn Piontek-Walsh and Brian Walsh.  The school occupies the first commercial straw bale building in Washington State and is surrounded by five acres of playgrounds, fields and wetlands.