The fruits of a strong music education... a school performing group on marimbas.
The fruits of a strong music education … a school performing group with students who LOVE to play marimbas!

The Arts are an essential part of the curriculum at Five Acre.  Our music education and art programs are central to the Five Acre experience.  Students learn to express themselves clearly and confidently through visual media. They achieve musical competency through our graduated music program. Music and art are part of the curriculum four days a week throughout the school year.

From preschool through sixth grade, students master rhythm instruments and marimbas, playing increasingly complex pieces together.  The school’s marimba band, Soundwaves, is comprised of 3rd through 8th grade students who perform frequently at public events.

Each spring Five Acre students and staff produce and perform a high quality theatrical performance.  This collaborative project develops self-confidence, public speaking and teamwork. Students actively integrate learning in literature, history, geography, and science as well as develop skills in the fine arts.

Theater production is a high point of the school year for students
The school play is a high point of the year for students.
Art education.
Art projects engage children’s interests, and focus them on their environment and the seasons.