Bobolinka, “Bonjour cheval!” and Whales!

This week in Music Class Teacher Rosie has Explorers dance the Bobolinka. Adventurers use an “Energy Ball” which lights up as they all hold hands and complete the circuit. Also River Fest is the first marimba performance of the year so kids have had lots of fun practicing this week.Bobolinka

french class

Teacher Cally visits Primary and this week the children learned to greet animals in French.”Bonjour cheval!” means “Hello horse!”






Primary kids enjoy finger painting and coloring. On Hike day kids crossed paths with Discovery Class at the Dungeness Wildlife refuge.

finger painting


















In Discovery Class this week kids make their own cardboard tree houses. They also did woodworking with a hammer and nails and worked on their nature journals during hike day.



nature journals












Adventure reading with respectclass kids gather around in the library to read Pinduli by Janell Cannon. In the book a Hyena named Pinduli learns about self-image, self-acceptance, and treating others with respect.




Explorer Class took the Coho ferry over to Victoria B.C. They visited the Royal B.C. Museum and saw “Humpback Whales” IMAX which featured Teacher Rosie’s brother, Dr. Fred Sharpe, in the film. Whales, possibly humpbacks, were also spotted in the distance during the ferry crossings.whales?checking out the museum

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