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School News

  • Learning from Tomtens

    Learning from Tomtens

    Imagine stuffing a metric ton of ideas into a small balloon, blowing it up to extreme pressure, and then handing a pin to the nearest mischievous first grader at hand. […]

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  • Winter Concert Video Bomb!

    Winter Concert Video Bomb!

    Performing concerts for the community is a long standing tradition in the Five Acre School music program. This time, like every year, students get to enjoy playing for parents and […]

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  • Music Brings Worlds Together

    Music Brings Worlds Together

    It has been a long standing tradition of the Five Acre School music program to boldly go where no marimba band has gone before, spreading the joy of music in […]

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  • Squishy Circuits!

    Squishy Circuits!

    “Where do you begin? If you’re going to teach robotics, how do you start?”   That’s what Christine said around three minutes into our conversation. I always love running into […]

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  • The Merits of Carpenty

    The Merits of Carpenty

    Do you remember whacking away at a nail when you were a kid? Did you enjoy that satisfying “thunk” when you actually got it right and sunk one straight into […]

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  • The Weekly Buzz 11/21

    The Weekly Buzz 11/21

    Let’s start a new tradition, shall we? Five Acre parents enjoy a weekly newsletter written by the teachers and published by our wonderful office staff. It’s a great summary of […]

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  • Mold’s not that gross…

    Mold’s not that gross…

    “I’m looking at the mold. It’s not that gross.”         “There’s kind of these little dots in there.”    “I see the seeds with green stuff. I saw […]

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  • Wavelengths and Wetsuits

    Wavelengths and Wetsuits

    Sometimes things in science can be hard to study for the simple fact that they can be hard to see. Take waves, for instance. Sound waves, radio waves, light waves. […]

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  • VIDEO: “Newbie” Soundwaves Marimba Group in 2/3 time!

    Sundwaves had two fun performances at the River Festival last weekend. This is a video of “2/3″, a somewhat complicated beat (listen to teacher Rosie explain it at the beginning) […]

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  • River Fest Question Quest!

    River Fest Question Quest!

    How long do geoducks live? How do mushrooms help rivers? Where does driftwood come from? These questions and many more made up the River Fest Fact Quest at the Dungeness […]

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