Discovering a Neighborhood

building a village With the end of the school year fast approaching, the Discovery Class is revisiting some of their favorite things. On Monday, after rereading Andrew Henry’s Meadow (our inspiration for afternoon project time), we completely changed our classroom. Children worked individually or with friends to create homes in our very own village! Lots of busy hands, blocks, sheets, tables and chairs and most of our shelf materials went into the structures. Phew! What fun. When the main structures were up, children added rooms, addresses and mailboxes to their homes. Then it was time to visit each other, send each other letters, go shopping at Peregrine’s store, buy books from Joseph’s traveling book store, stop by Jack’s Post Office/Fire Department/Police Station, and just have wonderful cooperative learning experience.

On Wednesday, we continued our village theme with a hike to the spit to build driftwood homes in a beach village. Again, lots of fun cooperative work before completing the five mile hike.

To finish out our project, we made detailed drawings of our houses, labeling the parts and listing our friends and neighbors. Surprisingly, we were able to clean up and sort all the materials away in about a half an hour!

No lunchguest stars in math! surprises this week, but we did have three special guests join our classroom. On Monday, Cole and Zach, from the middle school were guest math teachers (“it was really fun to teach, but also really hard”) much to the delight of the children. On Tuesday, we enjoyed having Greta’s Mom stay the day with us.

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