The Explorer Class is a flexibly organized multi-aged group including children from 4th through 6th grade. Over the last twenty years since the school was started, the teachers and children have built a strong, close-knit learning community where every child gets to shine.

The students work with the same teachers from year to year; this continuity gives them the security to undertake new and ambitious learning challenges right from the first day of school. We strongly emphasize respect for self, others and the school environment by teaching skills such as public speaking, listening, teamwork, and group problem solving.

Our curriculum is organized around the same Washington State Essential Learning Requirements as public schools, but the traditional subjects are integrated with art, music, drama and outdoor education to keep learning exciting and meaningful. Teachers balance hands-on activities with work periods requiring quiet attention.

Students who have moved from Five Acre to the public system have been very successful.  In particular, students are noted for their creative problem solving and excitement for learning.

At Five Acre, we truly practice individualized learning. In each subject  area the students work at their appropriate skill level. Children who learn  more slowly continue to see themselves as successful students and with  time reach high levels of achievement. Fast learners can blossom at their natural pace without having to wait for others to catch up. For many  activities, students from all levels work together, pooling their special  talents to create marvelous results.