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Going Non-Profit – Securing the Legacy

Fnonprofitive Acre School has gone through some transitions over the last few years, the most significant being a change of ownership. When school founders Bill and Juanita Jevne decided to retire a couple of years ago, one of the many ideas explored for the future of the school was the possibility of it becoming a nonprofit entity.

While the idea was popular, it did not come to fruition at that time. Time constraints limited the possibilities of creating enough of an infrastructure to pull off such a daunting task. Contending with a growing need for expediency, Autumn and Brian courageously stepped in and bought the school, keeping it going under private ownership.

But the nonprofit idea never really went away. And this time, with Brian and Autumn’s help and a much more lenient timeframe (as in, “as long as it takes”), it’s back on track.

The first public meeting was held near the end of last year. It was a nice, familiar get-together, with just as many kids there as parents. The whys and what fors of a nonprofit existence were again clarified, many questions answered, and an interim board created to start chipping away at the nitty-gritty.

There are tons at reasons to go nonprofit, eligibility for further programming and grant funding being a big one among them. But the best reason for me is longevity. As dedicated as our current owner/director is, transitioning to nonprofit status allows Five Acre School to live beyond any one Director and any one family or owner. Autumn and Brian are placing the school into the hands of the entire community which cares about it so deeply, and that’s pretty awesome! The school’s mission can be more permanently embodied by that community in the form of an elected Board. The values and goals of the school can be carried on for future generation of students to enjoy and benefit from, potentially indefinitely.

The interim board is already hard at work preparing for this transition, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those volunteers for contributing their valuable time and expertise to the lasting legacy of Five Acre School.