The Buzz #15

Primary Kids…

mermaid tailThis week the primary class had an aquatic visitor.

Justice, a student from the Explorer classroom, brought in her mermaid tail to share. The kids were full of wonder and questions. Everyone wanted to share what they knew about mermaids.


Grades K-2…

A worm on the loose?

Last week during the Great Garden Race, a worm got loose in the classroom and took off on its own. The Discovery Class “second language arts group ” took advantage of this event and ran with it (pun intended). creating a storyWe wrote a class story There is a Worm on the Loose, with each student adding a sentence to the previous student’s. It was quite exciting to find out how the story was going to unfold. We then went back and edited the story, even director Autumn helped! We published the final version, each child received a copy and the illustrating began. The final copies are just amazing! This story has it all, action packed, funny and thoughtful, and the illustrations are phenomenal. You are definitely going to want to read all the copies.

Each student planted a sunflower seed on Tuesday, and started collecting data and recording their information and drawings in their journals. This will be an ongoing project that will carry through to next year. We continue to wait for our seedling to appear, then watch our plant grow, transplant to the garden and finally see our beautiful sunflowers when we return next fall. What a wonderful way to explore gardening and life cycles. Students have also been busy observing nature and looking for signs of spring. We spent Thursday afternoon in the sunshine crawling around, measuring plants with our bodies, discovering lots of different flowers, and recording observations in our journals.

Grades 3-5…

yogaThis week Explorer students tried their hands (and bodies) at Yoga. Jenny Houston, from Poser Yoga studio in Port Angeles, contacted the school looking for willing students and teachers to work with. She will be joining us on our Salt Creek field trip day to do an outdoor yoga session and on a few other hike days, then hopefully regular sessions next year! We are so excited to learn how to safely stretch our muscles! This is also a great fit since we are studying the human body and preparing for our backpacking trip for the next several weeks!

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