The Buzz #16

Stir it UpPrimary Kids…

This week we did lots of baking in the classroom. We made muffins for the Primary meeting for     all of the parents to enjoy. We also made fruit popcicles for the students to enjoy!


Grades K-2…

The Discovery Class tookRaised bed planting full advantage of the sun this week, and planted their garden. With great care and cooperation students were able to get the little plants and seeds into the soil. As a class the kids decided to plant peas, Scarlet Runner beans, tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots and radishes. The class wrote and drew in their Andrew Henry Meadows journals some of their garden observations and predictions. Students were super excited to see that many of the sunflower seeds that they planted last week have already sprouted.

Last week during spring exploration, the class discovered Chickweed. We followed up this week by discussing the safety rules around eating wild plants. Students got a chance to touch smell and taste the Chickweed.

In celebration of Earth Day this week, Teacher Bob visited our class to tell Jon Muir’s story “Stickeen.”. The students were mesmerized by the story, and Bob’s ability to bring the images to life. You could have heard a leaf drop. Thank you Bob for visiting.

Their has also been a lot of running around the track, and hiking to add miles to their jog-a-thon log. Their progress is amazing.

Beach YogaGrades 3-5 and 6-8…

Joining Forces

The Middle School and the Explorer Class joined forces several times this week. On Wednesday we all visited Salt Creek for tide pool investigation. Heidi (Lucas’ mom) led the students in some tide pool creature identification activities. These included an “each-one-teach-one” time and then some group work. The weather turned out just right. We had sun, rain, wind and waves. The vast expanse of beach allowed us to do some yoga, sit and have lunch and play! We saw many fascinating sea creatures.

On Thursday the Explorer stScience hand offudents joined the Middle School students in transplanting starts into the garden. Several weeks ago Teacher Bob helped us get bok choy, spinach, lettuce, parsley, chard, tomatoes, corn, pumpkins and cucumbers started in flats. The bok choy and spinach plants were ready for transplanting. We planted about 100 plants into the garden. Their bright green growth has added a new dimension to the tilled rows.



The Explorer class students are creating Op-Art hands this week!

Op-Art handsThis week Middle schoolers and 5th graders began printmaking. Last week they drew an animal or plant, carved it onto a foam printing block, and on Tuesday applied ink and printed their foam block to form the bottom layer of the print. This is a 3 color process, involving 3 inking and printing episodes of which Tuesday was episode 1. Stay tuned for more layers!

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