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The Weekly Buzz 11/21

Let’s start a new tradition, shall we? Five Acre parents enjoy a weekly newsletter written by the teachers and published by our wonderful office staff. It’s a great summary of the weeks projects and events, so why not share it on the blog for everyone? Therefore, without further ado, here are some excerpts about what’s happened this week from Five Acre School’s weekly newsletter. Stay tuned next Friday for more!

This week the primary class got a chance to check out the marimbas, while…

wasp nestDiscovery students enjoyed their study of the Bald Faced Hornet Wasp nest, especially when several of the cells were unopened – imagine their delight to find a live wiggling critter inside!

They also planted the Garry Oak acorns and horse chestnuts that were left over from their own”critter” creations, and are hoping for as much luck in producing saplings as they had last year.

Overcast skies this week helped their study of clouds while hiking, followed up by a reading project in the class for some of the students. The students learned about the main idea in a book (clouds can look like many things) and how that is supported by details (what clouds can look like). Ask your child what he/she would like to see in the clouds.

The Explorer class presentations of their SEED projects is coming up! Students have been working hard for several weeks and are excited to share their knowledge!

And lastly… The Arduinos Have Landed!arduino

The Middle School students are embarking on an integrated project that will see them create, design and build an invention that centers around a micro-processor known as an Arduino. Arduinos were invented about 8 years ago in Italy as a way to introduce students to computer programming. Arduinos can be programmed to read sensors, process the information and then perform a task. The invention ideas range from a Garden Protection System that will sense deer, move toward them and shoot water to a Passive Solar Water Heating system that will provide heat for the Middle School Classroom by reading a thermostat sensor and controlling water pumps.

Parent volunteer Jeff is working closely with the Middle School to help develop the expertise needed for these projects. In order to finish the proto-type invention each student will master a number of skills. These skills include following design and build instructions, laying out electrical circuits, learning the Arduino programming language (which is closely related to JavaScript and called ā€œCā€) and integrating all the components into a finished system. If all goes according to plan in the next month you should see us out testing the inventions.