Five Acre School is a small independent school located adjacent to the Dungeness Recreation Area that serves about 90 preschool through 6th grade students.

Established in 1994 by Bill and Juanita Jevne, Five Acre School occupies the first commercial straw bale building in Washington State.

Five Acre provides a caring and flexible educational program emphasizing a child-centered approach, which promotes a high degree of personal responsibility and accountability to successfully educate the whole person.

The unique and robust curriculum integrates traditional academic subjects with music, theatre, art, and outdoor education, emphasizing our relationship to the natural world.

It’s the school you wish you had gone to as a child.  Our mission is to impart to our students the knowledge, skills, values and character strength they need to lead lives both fulfilling to themselves and enriching to the world around them.  We prepare children thoroughly for further education in a way that keeps them excited about lifelong learning.